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Update Zumo 660 maps ....?
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TOPIC: Update Zumo 660 maps ....?

Update Zumo 660 maps ....? 5 years, 2 months ago #137636

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Banging my head against the wall here so turning to the forum for help.

I have a 2011 map on my Zumo so decided to pay up and get the lifetime updater from Garmin. After a little feckery I installed their Lifetime Updater programme and plugged in the Zumo. Around 3hrs later I had downloaded the latest "2013" full Europe Map.

Tried to update the Zumo but the programme then told me there was only room to fit Western Europe onto the Zumo which is not so good bu decided to go ahead with it for the moment...

It then sat on "preparing files for download" for 30 mins with no sign of progress so I lost the head with it. Closed the programme but it always reopened in the same stage. Eventually uninstalled and reinstalled the update software and it then told me I now have the 2013 map though it's still showing 2011 on the Zumo

I did eventually find some a 2013 folder buried on my computer so then thought maybe I could at least open this with Mapsource but the maps seem to be in lots of different folders ... No one single file to open which is what Mapsource seems to want.

Q1) how do I open the 2013 map in map source? There doesn't seem to be just one file that I can open.

Q2) is it possible to download the full Europe Map to my computer and update Wesrern Europe on the Zumo's internal memory (as there isn't room for all of Eurpoe), and then put the rest of Europe on my SD card?

I hope this jibber jabber makes some sense

Re: Update Zumo 660 maps ....? 5 years, 2 months ago #137663

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to be honest best bet is send Garmin uk a email..being as you have a lifetime update they should be able to check and sort it out..

I never bother wit hmap updates as generally the mapping companies only update ever 5 years at best..but as you have paid you might as well have it.

To me it sounds like the old mapping has not ben removed first before new mapping insatlled so a Garmin conflict which is no suprise..

Their forum is very helpfull with garmin tec`s watching ..

its probably something simple..and mapsource as you know is not supported anymore by Garmin as its third party software..but I like it for routing compared to basecamp..

Re: Update Zumo 660 maps ....? 5 years, 2 months ago #137678

This is a usual problem when updating maps as the internal memory is not big enough to store the whole map.
This is what I do:- First make a backup of your Zumo all files and directories and keep them seperate from all your maps. In fact you should back up every month. That way if you get a crash you have something to go back to.
1: Make sure that you have installed your NEW empty SD memory card I recomend a minimium of 8GB
2. Open GarminWeb Updater this a free program from Garmin which will keep your software and firmware upto date. Check for any updates and install them to the Zumo

3. Use Garmin Map Install its a free down load from Garmin, It will then ask you where you want to load the maps either to your Zumo or to your memory card. I recommend to store the map to your memory card.
Click Continue - The next screen page will show you a map of all the areas that are included in the update. Now you will not want to load all 100% of the maps so just click on the areas that you want to select them they will change colour when selected. At the bottom of the screen there is a memory storeage bar showing how much memory is available and used do not exceed this there is a limit.

4: When you have finished selecting all the areas on the map and you have checked your memory storeage is ok - Now click on Send to device. Now all the selected maps will be sent to your memory card this misgh take some time so do not panic if nothing happens for 30mins as the the directories and file structure is being set up on on your memory card. After a while your will see a down load bar appear which will show the progress . Wait until its finished.

5. When the download has finshed and complete turn off your Zumo and switch it back on it should now recognise the new maps. If a message appears saying - New data found should it be loaded - Yes
6. Now it is a good idea to load the maps onto your PC as well so that you can do your planning off line and when not connected to the Zumo. Repeat the whole process(3-4) only this time send the maps to your PC not the Zumo and as you do not have a memory issue load all of them.
7. There is another program called Garmin Map Manager another free download. Use this to show you what maps are stored either on your Zumo / Memory card or PC

Improving internal memory capacity
There are a lot of duplicated files on the Zumo which contain identical files in different languages
If you feel capable then look through the Zumo files and deleat any foreign langauge files , voices, storybooks etc. If you are not sure what to do then leave them alone as you could screw up your Zumo but this is where the earlier back will save you. You did a back up right?

Garmin Basecamp
When you use Basecamp. Go to the tool bar at the top and select - Maps - This will now list the maps that are loaded. Select the most upto date map click on it. Now you are using the new map

If you need any more help then let me know
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Re: Update Zumo 660 maps ....? 5 years, 2 months ago #137683

I found Garmin customer service to be the best there is, give them a call.
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