Author: Ollie Rooke

First look: MotoClean Care Bundle

mobile motorcycle cleaning

What is it? A motorcycle care bundle to keep your bike in showroom condition.

During winter, it’s important to keep your bike in tip-top condition. Whether you ride daily through the worst the weather can throw at you, or you enjoy the odd crisp Sunday morning ride, road salt and general muck can transform your pristine bike into a corroded eyesore.

That’s where the MotoClean Care Bundle comes in, with four separate products to help keep your bike looking good.

The one litre bottle of motorcycle cleaner features a gel formula that foams up when sprayed and clings to grease and grime on your bike. Simply coat your bike in the foam, give it a few minutes to sink in and bind with the dirt, before scrubbing any particularly mucky patches with a bristled brush and rinsing the rest off. Once washed off, the foam leaves a noticeable glossy, dirt-repellent finish.

Once your bike is dry, you can then give the exposed metal parts a coating with the multi-use protective maintenance spray. It provides a protective coating which repels moisture, preventing rust and corrosion from setting in between rides.

Finally, it’s time to give the two most important parts of your ride some attention with the dedicated brake cleaner and the all-weather chain lube. The brake cleaner gets rid of dust, carbon, and oil which can build up over time, while the chain lube helps to keep your chain in good working order.

MotoClean Care Bundle

MotoClean Care Bundle

How much will it cost me? £29.99

Where can I buy it?