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Author: Alun Davies

Riding through large, flat regions of fesh fesh is not too tough if you’re riding solo or at the head of the pack. If you’re riding within the group it’s an interesting experience to say the least. I recently found myself at no3 in a line of 17 travelling at speeds of up too 100kms per hour with visibility reduced down to 5m or so in patches. I recall thinking ‘this is madness’ whilst at the same time feeling ‘man, this is fun’. A compromise between the thought and emotional reaction is probably the safest way to get through an area of fesh fesh, as is leaving a big gap between you and the rider in front, but you know what it’s like when you’re having fun.

And the fun really hots up when you hit an area of deep fesh fesh with the most common expression used on our trip being ‘it was carnage out there’. Again, if you’re riding up front or on your own you’ll not have to contend with the debilitating dust storms kicked up by other riders and can just concentrate on forward momentum. We hit patches of dust, that had built up in depressions, that were over 2ft in depth whilst long stretches of 6 to 9 inches of fine powder were considered ‘normal’ and ‘relaxed’ – that’s relaxed in the I can’t see a thing or steer in direction I want to go sense.

Check out this video and imagine you and your pride and joy having fun in the fesh fesh. The vid shows a 4*4 travelling through the flat easy bit.