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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

“I decided I was going to ride around the world in July 2008, when my mother passed away. She was the spark that set this all off really,” Bruce explains.  “One day she said to me: ‘Don’t ever have regrets, look after those you love, but live your life’. That was it, I booked my Direct Access and went for it.”

Bruce, who is part of the Diplomatic Protection Group, a Specialist Operation branch of London’s Metropolitan Police Service, will begin his life-changing journey, ‘TeapotOne’, in October 2012 aboard a a Suzuki GSX-R1000. He estimates the ride will take 12 moths to complete.

“TeapotOne is not simply a case of taking a motorbike around the world. It will be a journey of extremes for both machine and rider.  To take a sports bike around the world in 12 months, across desert, over rock, through jungle and swamp, is in itself extraordinary,” he says.

Among the other charities set to benefit from the ride are the Born Free Foundation, the British Legion and the Children’s Trust. Bruce plans to visit these charities’ affiliated projects en route, to see first-hand the work they’re doing.

Donations can be made directly to each of the charities through the TeapotOne website at www.teapotone.com.  Bruce is also recruiting backers to support this project. If you think you can help, get involved!