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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

Highway maintenance is a full time job on this route with avalanche units operating throughout the year. As Arctic conditions close in on them, the pair have to rely on the help of the hardcore truckers who call the highway home. The rules of the road are: keep the CB radio switched on, don’t exceed 50mph, and when an 18-wheel truck comes thundering down the road towards you, get out of the way!

Admittedly Sue and Charley are on four wheels, not two, (though we suspect two-up on a GSA would get more viewers!) but if you’re a fan of Charley and fancy some rough-road style action this Sunday, tune into BBC2 at 9.00pm for what’s bound to be a bit of a giggle, if nothing else.

The second and third instalments of this three-part series air on Sunday 11 and Sunday 18 September respectively and feature comedians Rhod Gilbert (angry Welsh chap) and Greg Davies slogging it out in mountainous Nepal, and Ben Fogle and Huge Dennis attempting a four-wheeled ascent on the Andes. We plan on having a looksee just to confirm we’d do it better by bike.