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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

“Betty was built on a shoestring budget from a 12-year-old Cagiva W16, with an eight-horsepower irrigation pump motor welded in,” explains Carter. “There was no gearbox and it took about a kilometre to get up to top speed, which was 80-90km/h. It was an utter, utter pig. And it smelled like a greasy fryer.”

Carter completed the 12,240 mile lap of Australia’s coast in three months and has now written a book called Is That Thing Diesel? about his experiences.

“My background is in oil and gas exploration – 20 years of being an earth-wrecking eco vandal,” he says. “I thought this ride [would be] perfect for raising awareness for alternative fuel technology, especially fuel derived from a waste product.”

Expat Carter’s next goal is to break the current 267km/h bio diesel motorcycle land speed record in Lake Gairdner next March. We hope his mates are chipping in for the fuel.

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