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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

“These bikes look great, but also cut the mustard when it comes to delivering the goods!” says Guy Masters, general manager at Triumph UK.

“We’re seeing a real take up in sales of classics and cruisers; a lot of new bikers are attracted to the stylish look and handling of the Bonneville range and riders are often surprised at just how well the classics and cruisers perform both round corners and on the straight. We really hope people take the opportunity to visit their local Triumph dealer and take a fresh look at this style of bike, which combines looks with performance to be a lot of fun to ride.”

And if looks are important, those with an eye for classic biker style can get their mitts on Triumph’s range of retro jackets, jeans, T-shirts and accessories at a very cool 20 percent off over the weekend. To find your nearest Triumph dealer, click here.