Sena 2018
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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

“It was a very fulfilling experience. I was successful in what I set out to do – to tell people about the illegal occupation of Tibet by China,”

The 35,000 km tour took Tsering through Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, England, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Australia, and finally to the orphanage in India where he grew up.

Tsering was born in exile in India after his mother fled Tibet in 1959, six months pregnant with him. Tsering was raised in an orphanage in Dharmsala following the death of his parents in 1960. “If China had not occupied Tibet, we would not have been in exile, or orphans,” he said.

“Life is comfortable in New York City, but the pictures of the suffering of the Tibetans inside Tibet moved me to undertake the tour.” He added,” I am happy and satisfied, and now looking forward to join my family in New York.”

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