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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

‘Australia’s rugged terrain punctured several sumps and injured a few riders,’ said a spokesperson for AltRider. ‘The Super Tenere clad in AltRider, however, proved to be nearly indestructible in the Outback.’

Looking at the spec on some of these parts, we’re not surprised. The AltRider skid plate is made from 3.175 mm-thick powder-coated aluminium, and is designed to offer substantial coverage to the sump, stator, and right-side headers.

The one-inch stainless steel tube crash bars, which mount directly into the bike’s frame, are a bit clever, too. They featured what AltRider calls a ‘hidden billet connector’, which means energy resulting from impact is spread evenly through the bars rather than focusing on one mount point.

The avid ABR will also be keen to learn that AltRider’s luggage rack replaces the OEM plastic bracket with a completely redesigned 4.75mm-thick aluminium one and features a small chubby underneath for storing tools or other items.

Other AltRider parts for the Super Tenere include the exhaust heat shield, the rear brake master cylinder guard, the universal joint guard, the side stand switch guard, and the side stand foot. For a bit of surreptitious online shopping- click here. 

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