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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

“Following the introduction of the new, ‘go-everywhere’, Tiger 800XC, the obvious next step was the introduction of Triumph Adventure Tours, allowing customers to experience the motorcycle in its natural environment,” explains Triumph’s director of sales and marketing, Paul Stroud.

Three of the trips will start with an exclusive tour of Triumph’s factory before taking riders to the Isle of Man; the Scottish Highlands or on a European tour to Triumph’s annual Tridays Festival in Austria

Riders looking go further afield can opt for the Sahara experience in North Africa, or Triumph’s Asian adventure in Thailand, which is scheduled for December 2011.

Triumph’s adventure tours will be available from June 2011 and include the use of Tiger 800XCs, with the exception of the Tridays Euro tour, which is a bring-your-own-bike affair. Visit the Triumph website for more information.

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