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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

It’s not all about protecting your investment either. Touratech’s auxiliary fog and Xenon lights have been designed to improve visibility and increase safety – as well as looking a bit sexy.

“With 20 years experience in developing useful protective parts for touring bikes, we instinctively recognise vulnerable areas on a motorcycle and work to develop accessories to keep those areas free from damage in the event of a fall – or even just on tough going,” says Touratech’s general manager, Craig Whitney.

“Our design and development process not only involves design from scratch and adaptation of existing products, but also extensive field testing – and I do mean field! Our rapid trap pannier system, for example, was subjected to some 80 hours plus of riding around a quarry, attached to a test bike to try and make it rattle – it didn’t.”

Farklers wishing to give their XCs an individual touch will be delighted to learn that Touratech frame plugs, oil filler caps, swingarm bearing covers and handlebar ends made of anodized aluminium are available in a gold, red, black and titanium finish – Ooo-er!

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