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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

Owner and Vincent enthusiast Stuart Jenkinson bought the 988cc new from St. Andrew’s Motors in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1955. He commuted to and from work on the bike for 25 years and went on several long-distance trips abroad.

In 1980, Jenkinson used Vinnylonglegs to establish his own guided motorcycle tour business in Europe. The bike’s been rebuilt three times and travelled 25 European countries, including 40 3,000-mile tours of Greece since 1962.

“As any long term owner of a bike or car will understand, selling Vinnylonglegs after 56 years and almost three quarters of a million miles is going to be a serious wrench,” says Jenkinson. “I’ll just have to make do now with the memories of all our wonderful trips.”

For the farklers, Vinnylongleg’s mods include a re-designed front fairing, incorporating twin headlamps, and a new stiffer box section Series C frame. The four-gallon Series C fuel tank means greater distances between fill ups, and disc brakes and Koni dampers provide a safe comfortable ride. There’s also room for two five-gallon panniers and a good-size top box.

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