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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

“I’ll be raising funds for the mental health charity, Mind,” explains Simon, “because I have bipolar disorder and have been through several episodes of psychosis. Dan’s supporting SCOPE since his daughter has mild cerebral palsy, and my Dad is riding in support of people with Huntington’s disease, as he’s researching for an improved quality of care for people with the condition.”

Steve Smith’s also hoping to raise funds towards the production of an upcoming motorcycle documentary called Father Spirit: The Messenger, which follows Huntington’s sufferer Pete Dickinson as he rides pillion with his son Jonathan across India.

The Smith’s chosen route will follow the Transfagarasan Highway and take in the Grossglockner and the Italian Dolomite roads near Bolzano. “It should be an awesome adventure,” Says Simon, who’s promised to share pics and footage of the trip on ABR when he returns in August this year. “One of the major highlights for me will be navigating the passes through the Julian Alps in Slovenia; I’m also planning to pull over to take a dip in the Adriatic along the coastline of Croatia. I can’t wait!”

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