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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

1) It’s a thousand times easier, safer and cheaper than you think

2) Take the newest bike you can afford (unless you’re a wizard mechanic!)

3) Leave with new…

a) Chain/Spikes (fanciest you can find, don’t go ‘budget’)
b) Discs and Pads
c) Wheel Bearings
d) Michelin 4mm tubes (Thee most HD ever)
e) Plugs
That’ll get you 10,000 miles before you have to do a thing

4) Also take… a Leatherman, 12V air-pump, puncture repair kit, Motion pro combo tyre-lever Motion Pro Trail tool, tow rope, army surplus bags for luggage lined with thin drybags, poncho, thermarest, bivi bag, sleeping bag – no need for a tent

5) If you just want fun and adventure make it easy on yourself. Make Vladivostock your goal; one visa, one road, 12,500 miles, no jeopardy. Simple

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6) If the above sounds too easy for you add in some central Asian republics. This means extra visa aggro but stunning vistas in return (watch motosyberia for inspiration). Still too easy? Try doing the length of Africa’s west coast route

7) If travelling in a team, aim to rough camp as much as possible; if riding solo, stay in hotels so you’ll meet more people

8) The dirt road and whacky cross-country sections are the most exhilarating. Would you enter an Enduro on a GS1200? Trail bikes are the ultimate adventure machines; less is more. My ultimate RTW bike would be a Yamaha Serow (unless I was 20 stone or 6ft-plus!)

9) Leave with one pannier totally empty – you’ll realise why on the road

10) You’ll never be able to be ‘prepared’ for 10,000-mile expeditions until you do one. Don’t worry about trying to see off every calamity, you’ll just go mental and never leave! Expect delays and dramas and then relish them. That’s when all the cool stuff happens.

Inspired? Good! Want to hear more? Austin will be appearing at the 2011 ExCel London Motorcycle Show 3-6 Feb and the Telford Classic Dirt Bike show 12-13 Feb. UK tour dates are below. For full venue details and tickets, click here.

18 Jan – Ipswich
20 Jan – Exeter
21 Jan – Dorchester
20 Feb – Ace Cafe Adventure day
22 Feb – Brighton
24 Feb – Edinburgh
25 Feb – Dundee
28 Feb – London


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