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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

The current motorcycle test is carried out in two parts, one on-road and one-off road. It’s hoped that these changes will also help to open up the test to riders living in areas which are poorly served by the current network of-off road test centres

The report suggests possible changes may include the introduction of a new hazard-avoidance manoeuvre which could be carried out on the road, subject to further trialling. There are also proposals that would mean slow manoeuvres such as slalom, figure of eight, and U-turns could be examined at training centres by delegated examiners ahead of the main test. These proposals are all subject to further consideration.

The department plans to hold wider trials with test-level candidates in the New Year and follow this with public consultation on the proposed changes. A phased introduction of on-road motorcycle testing could start at the end of 2011 or early 2012, with the view to rolling out the new examination across the country if trials indicate success.

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