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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

fourty-five-year-old traffic cop Simon, who’s only been riding for two years, has visited Russia several times before, to take part in church projects and was appalled by the conditions for orphans there.

“I’ve been a supporter of Love Russia for about eight years, it’s something close to my heart having been out there and seen the horrible conditions,” he said. “If you’re an orphan in Russia you’re a bit of a leper. They’ve got little enough as it. You’ve got to ask yourself, ‘what are you getting for Christmas?’ as these kids have nothing.”

Riding partner Dudley, 52, a biker for more than 35 years, said he had jumped at the chance when Simon asked him to join the challenge. “It certainly will be an epic ride, I was a police biker for eight years but I’ve never done anything like this before,” he said. “But hopefully the money we raise will have a great impact on the lives of the orphaned children.”

As well as cash donations the pair are seeking sponsorship from a local motorcycle dealer and are appealing for two matching bikes for the ride. If you can help, contact The Examiner on 01484 437712. To sponsor the riders, click here.


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