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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

“It really was tough! The GS Trophy tested our skills and pushed us to the limit. It was very hard work and we had some crashes, but we’d all love to go back and start all over again!” said GB’s Kevin Hammond, who celebrated his 50th birthday mid contest.

The merciless Trophy schedule mixed long days in the saddle, up to 300km on gravel roads in a single day, with a range of tricky challenges including steep hill-climbs, obstacle courses, slow-speed slaloms, river crossings and tractor pulls – the latter of which came easily to team GB’s two farmers, helping them pull ahead with an early lead.

“What can I say? Job done!” said GB’s Alastair Allan. “It’s been a fantastic adventure. We all got on like a house on fire and I think that’s the key to our success. It was an unbelievable test and a true once in a lifetime experience.”

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