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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

Hunter’s solution was a stainless steel frying pan, which held vertically, reflected his surroundings perfectly. “I took the pan out to my motorcycle and sat on the seat, placing the pan in front of me just above the clocks. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. All the blind spots were there right in front of my eyes!” he says.

After asking his wife’s permission to dissect the frying pan, Hunter attached the resulting piece of concave stainless steel to his bike and took it for a test ride. Please with the results, he then took his prototype to Strathclyde police, who were equally impressed. And so, after seeking funding from investors, RiderScan was born.

RiderScan is the only motorcycle and scooter centrally mounted blind spot mirror that gives the rider total blind spot visibility in one glance. It’s not intended to be used instead of the bike’s wing mirrors as these must still be functional and correctly placed to make the bike road legal, rather, it’s an additional safety aid that affords the rider a 180-degree view of the road behind them, as Hunter explains:

“RiderScan has been designed to give riders warning of hazards lurking in their blind spot that would have previously gone unnoticed if the rider had assumed all was clear following a lifesaver glace. This can be done with a quick glance at the RiderScan, which reveals both sides instantly.”

The device has already been given DVA/DVLNI approval in Northern Ireland and is now in production and available to purchase worldwide, priced £39.99.

For more visit the Hunter Create website.