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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

Long-term testing is currently underway at Touratech HQ on the company’s latest suspension development. The Touratech Actively Controlled Electronic Suspension (ACE) is a semi-active suspension system designed to detect the conditions of the road and adjusts its setup accordingly.

The ACE is an autonomous, retrofit strut system that works without sensors on the vehicle and is linked to the bike’s electronics solely for power purposes. A built-in high-performance shock absorber solenoid valve provides the values used to calculate the sensor’s control settings.

The system was first unveiled to the public at Touratech’s recent Travel Event in Wales and is currently being put through its paces on two long-term test bikes: a 2006 BMW R 1200 GS and a 2011 R 1200 GSA. Two versions of the new system are expected to be available in the autumn, so watch this space!

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