SB Sep 18
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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

Still mulling over what to do this weekend? Get on the blower to your local BMW dealership and book yourself a test ride on the new F 800 GSA.

Alun recently got back from the bike’s launch in Wales and the grin has yet to leave his face.

According to BMW, “This middleweight Adventure model delivers an unmatched combination of agility, touring practicality and off-road potential.” It also has an ‘enduro’ riding mode, which alters the suspension, traction control and ABS settings, to enhance its performance off-road.

Each dealership will have a special-edition F 800 GS Adventure Travel available for test rides, which features a higher level of factory-fitted options and accessories as standard.

You can read all about Alun’s first impressions of the new BM in the forthcoming issue of Adventure Bike Rider magazine, but in the meantime, why not have a go yourself and tell us what you think at on the ABR forum.

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