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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

Mother-of-one Steph plans to live in her two-man tent while on the road, surviving on just £5 a day and the things she can carry on her bike. Her budget for the entire trip is £10,000. “I’ll have to be creative in all aspects of this journey, to make the money stretch,” she says. “It will certainly force me to improve on my cooking skills. I’m relying on the kindness of strangers to give me the odd night in a comfy bed with a warm shower and a nice meal if I’m honest!”

Steph’s bike of choice is a Honda CRF 250 L. “After much deliberation and many hours’ homework, the only bike I trust for this journey is a Honda,” she says. “Having worked with Hondas in the past, I’m fully aware of their reliability and excellent fuel economy. The CRF 250 L came out last year and no one has attempted to take it on such a journey before. I’m looking forward to testing it out and showing what it is capable of.”

Steph will become the second woman in the UK to make this solo journey. Elspeth Beard did it 30 years ago with none of the mod cons we have today, but Steph, who admits to having a competitive streak, would like to become the first Brit to cover all seven continents. “I’d love to ride to Antarctica, but it would require another £6,000 minimum to get there and with and no big sponsor, it would take a miracle,” she says. “Who knows what’s around the corner, though; stranger things have happened. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!”

Steph hopes her trip will raise awareness for Rally4Life, a charity which aims to combine the desire to participate in adventurous life-changing activities with helping those in need.

To keep up to date with Steph’s RTW adventure, follow her blog.