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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

Regular readers and visitors to this site will be familiar with the Pyle brothers’ eastern exploits, but for those ABRs still in the dark, here’s a quick recap…

In 2010, Canadian ABRs Colin and Ryan Pyle set out from Shanghai on a 65-day circumnavigation of China’s borderlands on a pair of BMW F 800 GSs. Their 11,184-mile adventure, dubbed the MK Ride, saw them travel through some of China’s most impenetrable and inhospitable parts, tiptoeing the China-Mongolia border, and busting through miles of red tape and close shaves to make the journey happen.

Their ride has since been recognised by Guinness as setting the world record for the most kilometres completed in a single country, in a continuous journey and without backtracking and repetition.

A documentary of their incredible trip called, unsurprisingly, The Middle Kingdom Ride, is due to air on the Travel Channel on Wednesday 10 April, at 8pm. We reckon it’ll be well worth a watch (especially if this weather continues).