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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

Just three days into his trip, Jeff suffered a minor setback after his bike broke down in Slovakia, leaving him a day behind the group of ABRs he had planned to meet up with. Once his bike was back up and running however, he managed to catch up with them in the Tatras Mountains, Slovakia.

Already the group has experienced some challenging riding as they get stuck into their 11-week challenge through Europe and Asia. In one day it took the team seven hours to cover just 200 miles on unpaved roads, which Jeff says was like “riding across a plough field”.

The terrain isn’t the only obstacle the group has had to overcome. Passage through Ukraine turned out to be more costly than anticipated when the ABRs were fined £200 for overtaking and £140 for not stopping at a roundabout, all in the same day. These police “money-in-the-back-pocket tactics” as Jeff described them have been an added frustration.

As if to add insult to injury, Jeff says he’s already been put to shame by an Australian chap who just so happens to be on the same route as him; the only difference? The Aussie is cycling it…

Jeff is now in week three of his epic China ride. To keep track of his adventure, check out his diary on the Colwyn Bay Motorcycles website.