Perfect shopping bikeThis past weekend I took a ride out in search of some heavy duty porn, not the traditional sweat and grunt stuff you understand, but the latest motorcycle porn which comes in the form of the sensual Multistrada 1200.

Following a press launch in the Canary Island of Lanzagrotti the new Ducati has been universally acclaimed by the worlds biking press, in fact, other than a few complaints about the positioning of the centre stand I've struggled to find a word written in anything other than the sort of literary praise that's usually reserved for a complimentary bar at a free all you can ogle strip show.

The £14,000 asking price has hardly been mentioned, though there's surely a danger of an inflationary effect on the motorcycle world in general with other manufacturers upping their price to compliment the Multistrada – the new Yamaha Tenere 1200 looks a prime example. Unlike other expensive Ducati's this is not an elite sports bike aimed at buyers with more cash than a love of biking, this is a motorcycle aimed four square at the mainstream with advanced features which will become standard on all bikes over the next few years or so.

Having seen the admittedly impressive Multistrada in the flesh over the weekend and having had time to reflect, I'm starting to think that Ducati are positioning themselves as the 'Apple' of the motorcycling industry. Sleek lines, innovation, a devout following plus a media bandwagon lead by journalist overdosing on a love drug all have that look and feel of an 'Apple' style launch. I'll be keeping an eye out for the first Ducati Apps for downloading to that impressive EMU, I could do with a 'Ride to Work' mode and 'A Bimble to Tesco' setting to compliment the out of the box Sport, Tour, Urban and Enduro.