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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

Of course, if time and budget are no objects then the there’s always Nova Scotia, New York and Fujigoko Region, Japan, which boasts Mount Fuji as the backdrop to its magical display of foliage.

And in at number one for the best place in the world to see the leaves turn? New England USA, incorporating Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island, which between late September and November offers “An unparalleled fireworks display of colour.” – ahh!

For those ABR members not in possession of their own plane, however, Enjoy England’s compiled a similar list of autumnal beauty spots more suited to a Sunday backyard bimble. The National Forest in the Heart of England, the Outwoods in Leicestershire and Hever Castle in Kent are among the top local spots for seeing the leaves. The full list of destinations can be found here. 

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