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Author: Jason Ziel
I’ve not had a bike now for over two years and at this time of the year quite frankly it’s a little upsetting (I’m not a fair weather rider though!).
After recently moving in with a buddy who has just bought a bike, many conversations with Alun and more time spent on the road, I’ve been testing out a few bikes in anticipation of a few adventures.
I’ve had speedy, done retro, tried comfortable and am convinced it’s a going to be a big trailie. It’s no more bikes with handlebars below the chest courtesy of a battered wrist. My last test ride was a Triumph Sprint, respected engine, great for longer rides, less aggressive riding position, good pannier load and even comfortable for a pillion but it just didn’t feel right, it was a case of me on my bike not me and my bike. I’m no bike expert but having ridden two wheels for most of my life I know what works for me.
So, tomorrow I’m  testing a KTM 990 Adventure, and I’m not ruling out a GS or old Triumph Tiger. In theory it suits my riding style and can be loaded up with plenty of kit and if Alun ever makes it to Timbuktu it would be perfect for tagging along!
I’ll let you know how I get on.

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