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Readers Exposed: Jade Foster

Name: Jade Foster |Age: 24 |Occupation: Maths teacher

Flip-front Touring Helmets

Bryn Davies, James Oxley and Ollie Rooke put 11 flip-front helmets to the test to help you choose the perfect lid for your next bike tour

How good is the BMW S 1000 XR at two-up touring?

Bryn Davies looks at the BMW S 1000 XR’s two-up touring capabilities

3 things we like and 3 we dislike about the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

With the honeymoon period over, Ollie Rooke finds some niggles creeping in while riding his long-term Tiger 900 Rally Pro

Honda CRF450L

Julian Challis says farewell to the Honda CRF450L during one last adventure along the Trans Euro Trail

What a 15-hour ride teaches you about the KTM 790 Adventure

A 15-hour journey gives James Oxley plenty of time to reflect on the long-distance touring credentials of the KTM

Ducati Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour

James Oxley reflects on the moment he became smitten with a Ducati Multistrada

How does the standard Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin compare to the Adventure Sports?

Ollie Rooke spends a week riding the standard Africa Twin to see how it compares to his long-term Adventure Sports model

Yamaha Ténéré 700

James Oxley sets off on a weekend of mixed riding to discover if the mid-size Ténéré lives up to its glowing reputation

Indian FTR Rally Review

Nestled in a garage in a sleepy corner of Cornwall is a secret I’ve been keeping from the adventure biking world. Behind a set of wooden doors, cosseted under a collection of dust blankets, sits a gleaming Triumph Bonneville: my Triumph Bonneville. I know it’s not an adventure motorcycle, nor a touring or a trail bike, but I love her all the same. The seat has been removed and the battery is linked up to a trickle charger to ensure [...]

Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR review

James Oxley is handed the keys to the new for 2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR and discovers what could be the ultimate off-road-focused adventure bike "Bloody hell, I never realised you were so good at riding off-road,” my ABR colleague Ollie bellowed at me over the noise of our motorcycle engines. “Neither did I mate,” I replied. “Neither did I.” It was a beautiful late summer evening so, after switching off our office computers at the stroke of 5:30 pm, [...]

KTM 890 Adventure review

Julian Challis travels to Greece to test out KTM’s new 890 Adventure

Surviving Botswana’s Hunter’s Road

Paul Donovan travels through wild and remote Botswana surviving animal encounters as he journeys to Victoria Falls

Insider’s Guide: Ride to Everest Base Camp

Photos: Iain Crockart Mount Everest has captivated the imaginations of the daring and pitted man against nature for generations. Reaching its peak is the Holy Grail of mountaineering, a place where heroes are made, dreams are realised, and an obsession to conquer the highest mountain in the world can finally be laid to rest. But Everest’s story is also one of tragedy, of loss, of death. Its frozen faces are as lethal as they are beautiful, but despite the danger, [...]

Highland Adventures

With dreams of a European tour in tatters, Ollie Rooke travels north to Scotland instead and discovers some of the best riding of his life

Destination Antarctica

Kenneth Friedman travels to Antarctica to fulfil his dream of riding a motorcycle on each of the Earth’s seven continents

How can I look after my bike in between its regular services?

ABR’s expert of all things two-wheeled answers your questions

Legal – Pillion Riders and the Law

Should you tell your insurance company you intend to carry a passenger? And what happens if they cause an accident? ABR’s legal expert Andrew Dalton explains all

The four basic skills you can master to take your riding to the next level

Misti Hurst reveals how to take your riding ability to the next level by mastering four basic skills

Photography – File for Success

Simon Thomas explains how shooting in the correct file format can help you capture the raw beauty of THE world in your travel photography

Tackling The TET – Land’s End or Bust

Julian Challis continues his exploration of the UK on the Trans Euro Trail as he travels from Bristol to the south west tip of England at Land’s End

Meet Chris Scott, the man behind the adventure biker’s bible

As the author of the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook, Chris Scott has helped countless bikers pursue their dreams of global travel for almost 30 years by providing practical information and advice on exploring the world. With a new edition published in 2020, James Oxley caught up with the man behind the adventure bikers’ bible

Explore the southeast of England on this one-day motorcycle route

Finding comfort in an orderly queue, talking endlessly about the weather, and the ability to find a stoic calm in any crisis by making a cup of tea may be traits many of us Brits share, but there is so much more to us than the national stereotypes. Our rich and varied history is interwoven with moments of bravery in the face of adversity, of lavish excess and eccentricity, and of innovation and technological advancement. It’s this history that provided [...]

Beacon Brow Road IN North Yorkshire, and Trevillis Wood IN Cornwall

Green lanes featured in issues of Adventure Bike Rider… No ABR Name/Location (see map) 1 9 Kiln Bent/Ramsden Road (W Yorks) 2 9 Stanage Edge (Peak District) 3 10 Salter Fell (Lancashire) 4 10 Wayfarer Trail (North Wales) 5 11 Rowland (Peak District) 6 11 Sarn Helen, Betws-y-Coed (Wales) 7 12 Strata Florida (Mid Wales) 8 12 Corwen Car Wash (North Wales) 9 12 Winton (Cumbria) 10 13 Old Coach Road (Lake District) 11 13 Sarn Helen (South Wales) 12 [...]

Christmas Gift Guide

Fed up with unwrapping pants and socks every December 25? Then slip this gift guide to your loved ones to ensure you have a very Merry Christmas

Readers Engaged

ABR readers get in touch to tell us all about their two-wheeled adventures...

Clarence Drive, South Africa

South of Cape Town overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is Chapman’s Peak Drive, a popular road among local bikers and visitors to South Africa alike, but a few miles away on the east coast of False Bay is Clarence Drive, which offers even better riding

Reason to Ride: The Road to Everest, Tibet

When asked why he made repeated attempts to become the first person to summit Mount Everest, despite failing on a number of occasions, British mountaineer George Mallory simply replied: “Because it’s there.” Sadly, he perished on the mountain, but the world’s highest peak continues to attract people with a thirst for adventure to this day, including motorcyclists. Riding to Everest Base Camp has become one of the world’s ultimate adventure biking experiences and, since 2015, it has become a little [...]

From the Editor

Over the past year we’ve been running the Adventure Bike Rider Photo of the Year competition. We’ve had some fantastic entries, so a huge thank you goes out to everyone who submitted pictures from their travels. The intention was to display the winning image at the 2020 ABR Festival, but a pandemic got in the way of that, so we extended the competition and changed the prize a bit. For this year’s Photo of the Year competition, we decided we [...]