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The ABR team shares their 12 favourite routes across the UK
Mike Beddows details two fantastic green lanes in North Yorkshire and the Peak District
James Oxley catches up with with the popular adventure motorcyclist and author, Lois Pryce

ABR Masterclass: Learn How To Get It Right On Your Next Adventure

Techniques: Riding With A Pillion Sharing your passion for motorcycling with your better half can be a joyous experience, but with it comes a huge responsibility. Misti Hurst explains how you and your pillion can ride in perfect harmony Taking a passenger on the back of your bike is a big deal. You are now responsible for that person’s wellbeing. They have trusted you with their life so you’d better do everything in your power to take care of it. [...]

UK Roads To Ride in 2021

Call us biased, but we reckon the UK is home to some of the best biking roads in the world. So, to help kickstart your 2021 adventures, ABR’s team of riding experts has listed a s election of their favourite roads to ride in the UK. How many will you tick off? B3212, DARTMOOR, ENGLAND James Oxley, Editor Start: Exeter Finish: Yelverton Distance: 33 miles With more than 60 million people crammed into the island we call home, it’s no [...]

UK Green Lanes: Legal Trail Riding In The UK

This issue: Dalby Trails in North Yorkshire, and Sparbent in the Peak District Green lanes featured in issues of Adventure Bike Rider… No ABR Name/Location (see map) 1 9 Kiln Bent/Ramsden Road (W Yorks) 2 9 Stanage Edge (Peak District) 3 10 Salter Fell (Lancashire) 4 10 Wayfarer Trail (North Wales) 5 11 Rowland (Peak District) 6 11 Sarn Helen, Betws-y-Coed (Wales) 7 12 Strata Florida (Mid Wales) 8 12 Corwen Car Wash (North Wales) 9 12 Winton (Cumbria) 10 [...]

Lois Pryce

Over the past two decades, Lois Pryce has gone from being a bored office worker with dreams of adventure to a highly respected motorcycle traveller and author. James Oxley caught up with the veteran of some of the world’s toughest bike journeys to discuss her global adventures "You can wait all your life until you’re an expert rider and mechanic, and you’ve saved up loads of money, and you’re fluent in five languages, and whatever. But then, you’re never really [...]

Readers Engaged

ABR readers get in touch to tell us all about their two-wheeled adventures... The Camaraderie Of Adventure Biking The adventure bike community has transformed my riding life. I was a scooter boy in my youth, before graduating to sports bikes and sports tourers that better suited my commutes, and the odd European tour. After returning to the UK in 2018, I bought myself a BMW F 800 GSA, my first adventure bike, and a bike I still own today. Initially, [...]

Hot Stuff

Ollie Rooke rounds up the latest and greatest biking kit   NEDPLEX TFT ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION F OR BMW R 1200/1250 GS/GSA £40 What is it? A bracket to protect your TFT screen from theft. Do you own a BMW R 1200 GS/GSA or an R 1250 GS/GSA with a TFT screen? If you do, are you aware of how easy it is to steal? Sadly, it’s a lot easier than you might think and we’ve heard a few reports [...]

Go And Ride: Beartooth Highway, USA

It’s safe to say the USA isn’t short on iconic roads that wind their way through stunning landscapes. Well, here’s another one to add to your bucket list, the magnificent Beartooth Highway. Running 68 miles through an awe-inspiring landscape, Beartooth Highway is regarded as one of the USA’s most scenic rides. It’s even been recognised by the US Government as one of only 30 ‘All-American Roads’ in the country, which identifies it as something of a national treasure. Lying in [...]

Reason to Ride: Lysevegen Road, Norway

At the end of a 26-mile-deep fjord lies Lysebotn, a tiny village with a year-round population that would barely fill a football team. Surrounded on three sides by the steep walls of the fjord, the village is accessible by boat or, during the five months of the year that it’s not covered by a thick blanket of snow, the staggering Lysevegen road. Like a ribbon dropped from the heavens, it’s a biker’s dream. The 18-mile road carves its way over [...]

From The Editor

If you’re a regular ABR reader, you’re probably wondering who this fella is beaming at you from the Editor’s Comment page. Let me introduce myself. My name is James Oxley and I’m the new editor of Adventure Bike Rider. Boy, that sounds good to say out loud. The change took place a few weeks ago when former editor Bryn pulled me aside to tell me he was sacking himself. I wondered for a moment if he’d decided to give it [...]

Mountain paradise – a tour of the Alps

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2021: Your Year Of Adventure

After a year plenty of us would prefer to forget, it’s time to make up for lost time by making 2021 your year of adventure. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of incredible tours and events to help you do just that 1. Join Us At The Adventure Bike Rider Festival 2021 What is it? The largest celebration of adventure biking imaginable. From 25-27 June 2021, thousands of bikers will flock to the grounds of the magnificent Ragley [...]

Tackling The Tet: Southern England

In the fourth instalment of his series exploring the UK Trans Euro Trail, JULIAN CHALLIS travels the byways and country lanes of Southern England According to the little known yet often misquoted American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey’. And stood with my mate Pat at Dover Ferry Terminal after completing the southern section of the Trans Euro Trail (TET), Ralph’s words could not be more apt. Not even the distinctly soulless and prosaic [...]

The Insider’s Guide to the Pan-American Highway

The Pan-American Highway is one of the most iconic and diverse overland routes in the world. Veteran of the Pan-Am and author, LOIS PRYCE, reveals what it takes to ride the length of the Americas The Pan-American Highway. It’s a name guaranteed to stir wanderlust in any red-blooded adventure rider. What other road trip transports you from the top to the bottom of the world while scaling 15,000ft mountains, cruising the coolest coastlines, traversing dense jungle, and riding the world’s [...]

Mountain Paradise

Austrian couple MARTIN LITSCHAUER and VERENA KAISER-LITSCHAUER travel more than 1,500 miles on a tour of the Alps and discover some of the best motorcycling roads in the world We’d been planning a motorcycle trip to Iceland for ages. Everything was booked. Car trains and ferry crossings had all been organised ahead of four glorious weeks exploring the land of fire and ice. However, shortly before our departure, Verena accidently burned both her legs with boiling water. Due to the [...]

Australia’s Longest Short Cut

SIMON AND LISA THOMAS travel through the heart of Australia along the unforgiving Outback Way on one of the toughest yet enthralling rides of their lives

In The Shadow Of Genghis Khan

JULIAN CHALLIS tastes the intoxicating freedom of riding through endless miles of wide-open plains in magnificent Mongolia We’re stopped at the top of a hill on the outskirts of Karakorum, the ancient capital ofMongolia. Ahead of us is a vast valley framed by impossibly large mountains that stretch into the distance. From our vantage point we can see the criss-cross pattern of the trails that will take us into this remote wilderness. For 200 miles, we will have the entire [...]

Honda XRV750 Africa Twin

JULIAN CHALLIS Climbs Aboard A Motorcycling Icon To Discover How A Vintage Africa Twin Compares To Today’s Adventure Bikes Whether you are a relative novice or an experienced motorcyclist, a racetrack hero or a dedicated off-roader, there’s one thing that we can all agree on: Honda builds iconic motorcycles. From the humble Honda Cub, the best-selling motorised vehicle ever manufactured, to the achingly beautiful RC30, a bike that still can make grown men weep. Or maybe you would think of [...]

Harley-Davidson Livewires

Following Ewan And Charley’s 13,000-Mile Ride Up The Americas On Harley-Davidson Livewires, JAMES OXLEY Assesses The Electric Bike’s Touring Credentials This feels like being in a horror movie. The world is shrouded in a thick curtain of fog which is reflecting my headlight beam back at me and obscuring my vision even further. Visibility is down to a couple of bike lengths at most. There’s a light drizzle in the air making the tarmac slick as I glide along a [...]

BMW K 1 600 B

BRYN DAVIES Checks Out The K 1600 B, The Bagger Version Of BMW’s Luxury Tourer What is the most important feature of a long-distance touring bike? I suppose the answer would depend on who you asked. Some would say it would need to be lightweight and easy to fix. Others that it needs to be sporty and fun enough for you to be able to tear up the twisties when you reach your destination. Me? I’d say the number one [...]

Long Term Test

DUCATI MULTISTRADA 1260 S GRAND TOUR With ABR’s Multistrada long-termer being returned to Ducati, James Oxley reflects on life with a bike that can’t help but put a smile on your face As I write this long-term update about life with the Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour, people up and down the land are excitedly counting down to Christmas. Festive lights adorn scores of houses on my ride home from work, the office Secret Santa has been drawn, and my [...]

Group Test: Tank bags

Extra storage space on a motorcycle comes in very handy, especially when you’re on tour. This explains why tank bags are a popular choice among adventure bikers. JAMES OXLEY put 11 of them to the test A tank bag is one of the most useful accessories you can add to your motorcycle for one important reason, convenience. It provides a handy spot to stash cameras, wallets, phones, and other road trip essentials that you want within easy reach from the [...]

Readers Exposed

Name: Jane Morris Age: 55 Occupation: Retired First bike? Yamaha YBR 125 Current bike? Triumph Tiger 800 XRx Low. I absolutely love my bike. Dream bike? I already have my dream bike, my Tiger. Most expensive motorcycle accessory you’ve ever bought? I’m a Triumph clothes and accessories addict and I recently added the Triumph Wax Jacket to my collection. Mountain passes or desert pistes? I haven’t ridden in the desert yet, so I would have to say the mountains, especially [...]