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Manufacturer HI GEAR
Product Name PROTON 3
Price 45

3 man,3 pole,easy to put up,small and light enough for bikes...great value at moment,half price at Go Outdoors.

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High gear proton 3 - Go outdoors

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I would like to add my thoughts to the previous review of this budget tent - High Gear's proton 3. I looked at this tent during winter of 2012 from something for a summer trip to France the following spring. I initailly talked myself out of this tent mainly because of the price! It seemed ideal for what I wanted but seemed too cheap!
It looked like it has plenty of space in the poarch area
opens boths side to provide shelter from weather
has seperate inner - so could be used with just fly sheet in hot weather.
looks like it had tons of room inside tent
packs away small ( for the bike anyway) about twice the size of helinox chair but heavier!

price - (should be paying more for this tent) cost = quality right?

After prevaricating too long I went into the store in Penrith to picked one up - amazingly there was a return in their bargin corner for 29 quid. Decision made.

After getting home put up this tent in a leisurely 10 the front garden. tTere are 3 main pole support with usual elastic quick fit conections. The shorter porch pole being grey coloured to help assembly. But basically its a few sections shorter.

The 2 main sections go together easily with pin and loop to secure to the flysheet. The inner connects to the fly with toggle and loop. The inner also has the groundsheet extenstion into the porch area. Which provides an extra dry area for gear. In wet weather in can collect some water dripping from the fly if you have the side door open too long but we just fold the groundsheet back a little which solved the issue.

The inner has vented sections sewed into the top which provided a degree on air movement and also has a double zipped door with one being mesh.
We have changed to standard pegs as they were getting bent in the baked French camp sites but I used a few at the recent Donnington HUB meeting and they were fine for that ground, which in UK terms was quite dry.

Although not a 4 season tent I imagine in might stand up well to high winds as there seems to be plenty of secure guys, 2 at front 2 at rear and 2 each side.

We recently got the tent wet after 12 months ownership and no water dripped through the fly or penatrated the ground sheet.

Although the bag is a bit snug it is not a problem as we have a few extra pegs, a small mallet spare poles which all go in the bag. I agree there could be poles included for the porch area but for the money its not big deal. We use lightweight walking poles or a set of spares from another tent.

If you can live with the bright red colour and are looking for a 3 season tent with plenty of room I would suggest you save yourself some money and buy one of these. If I had paid the full price I still think it would have been good value kit.


Hi Gear Tents

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Hi everyone,thought id let you know about this tent,currently half price at £45...the Proton 2 is a 2 person,the 3 is a 3 person (thats two people plus clutter in the real world then..)very quick and easy to erect,under ten mins.Very similar to the Hi Gear Nucleus in layout but being six foot one i couldnt quite lie flat in the Nucleus but could in the Proton-they are both the same size but the Nucleus has a larger porch and slightly less living space.Go Outdoors have erected all their tents which are left outdoors all year round so people can see and try them,this gives a good indication of the build quality over time too,these Hi Gear models were holding up well.Well made,spare parts etc are all carried in stock and fairly priced.Unlike cheaper tents these are 3000 head rated,way more waterproof than cheap rubbish and some more expensive tents too.
i like the fact that the porch ground sheet is only sewn to the tent groundsheet widthwise-the porch sides arent sewn on allowing you to have a full floored porchway or half covered when cooking etc.You can have either porchside open allowing for breeze/privacy etc.The porch windows also have moveable curtains which is a nice touch.
Two observations-one is with the flysheet left attached it wont quite fit back into its original bag (like most tents but bloody annoying anyway) and secondly the porch roof flap cant be pitched to stay open,the tents weakest point for me,ive used an old tent rod and guy rope to keep mine up for cooking etc when its raining or for shade,and to make the most of the (generous)space.
Plus points-its well made,very well specced,small enough to go on top of a pannier,light enough (4.8kg)for any bike,is totally waterproof and has some nice features.At this price its a bit of a bargain! Hope some of this is helpful anyway!

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