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Old Man On a Bike

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Title Simon Gandolfi
Author Old Man On A Bike
Price £5.49

Simon Gandolfi has never been one to grow old gracefully and following two heart attacks he decides not to rest up, as many might, but to ride the length of Hispanic America on a 125cc motorbike. And why not? At 73 years old, Simon Gandolfi sets off from Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico to embark on a five and a half month journey culminating at 'the end of the world', Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego. For Simon this is a journey of discovery. Leaving behind the safety and sanctuary of friends and family, he is truly alone but along the way he meets and talks with rich and poor, old and young, officials and professionals, agricultural and industrial workers. This expertly written travelogue reveals not only the stories of those he meets, and his own, but also that of Latin America, its attitudes to itself, to the USA and the UK in the aftermath of the Iraq war and the realities of the poverty and endemic corruption throughout much of this continent. But whilst guide books often warn of thieves, corrupt police and border officials, Gandolfi writes of the incredible kindness and generosity he encounters, of hope and joy, understanding and new friendships, and ultimately, an old man's refusal to surrender to his years. Outrageously irresponsible and undeniably liberating, Gandolfi's travels will fire the imaginations of every traveller, young or old.

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Old Man - not for me

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Well written, but just not my cup of tea, too indepth about politics/country history rather than just the fun of the trip - I guess it would be really good if you are into that sort of thing


Old man on a bike

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Reviewed by The Foggster
March 01, 2012
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First of all I really enjoyed the book. You have to take your hat off to the guy, none of the preconceptions are undertaken - you need alpinestar this BMW GS that. Its what is cheap and works. His writing style is engaging and his adventures are what you would expect from an Old man on a bike , however his politics are a little on the 'left' side and it becomes irritating because he never puts up a viable alternative. Still I have re-read the book so that means that it is a good read. I hope you enjoy

The Foggster

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