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England to Malta Return Hot

England to Malta Return
England to Malta Return

Motorcycle Trip Reports

Name Ken Booth
Age 66 years
Start Date of Trip 23/09/2016
Duration of Trip 23 days
Total Miles Covered 4070
Total Cost of Trip Approx £1700.00 mainly Fuel, Tolls, Food, and I also spent £1799.00 on the bike but will sell it on.
Countries Visited EnglandFrancebelgiumItalySwitzerland
Bike Make & Model Honda Dauville 650.
Age of Bike 16 years
Mileage at Start 64439
Bike Modifications Sat nave mount and usb charger. Full service and mot .
Bike Problems & Accidents I was going to do this on a classic bike but at the last minute it started giving problems so with 2 weeks to go bought the Dauville. This proved to be a fantastic bike . 60 mpg and use no water and only 40cc of oil. I have never ridden a bike that is so stable. No matter what you ride over it goes straight. It never missed a beat. Saying that I could never get comftable on it. The bars seemed too far forward and the seat too narrow.
In Belgium on the return I stopped quick at a crossing and my mate ran into me knocking my on the floor. Broke the top faring but still rideable .
Highs Several but going up and riding the Grimsel Pass, the Susten Pass and the Fuker Pass in Switzerland and going up to mount Etna was a good experience. Driving the Italisn coast roads and eating with locals and swimming in the sea.
Lows Sudden drop in temp on the return in Italy, driving rain and cold. Camping and having cramp not pleasant.
The Single Most Important Lesson Learnt Tough one, let's say if a 66 year old can do it then no excuses for the young ones.
Don't think I will camp from a motorcycle again. Wind noise spoils things a lot.
Italian drivers are crazy. No joke they are bloody nuts.
Lights on the Deauville are crap.
I found seeing when in tunnels difficult at times.
Italian toll roads can be expensive and hard to avoid.

I have wanted to do this trip for many years as my wife is from Malta. Her and my mates wife booked apartments and flew out and so we had somewhere to stay.
Going out was everything we hoped it would be. Good weather,nice people, good food and drink. 2200 miles going and about 1870 coming home.
We only booked the ferry out, the rest we booked when we got close and we had a 3 day each way back to the uk.
My mate rode a Gold Wing with a trailer and so carried the tents, The other rider ride a Gold Wing Trike.
Lincolnshire to Dover for the ferry, Dunkirk avoiding toll toads where possible to Belgium France Luxuembourg Switzerland and through all the passes in one go. Then into Italy and all the way down the Adratic coast. Attempted to avoid toll roads but you would have to pass through every town. Ferry into Sicily, Again along the coast and it's very nice. Trip up to Mt Etna. Down to the tip of Sicily and a ferry to Malta. Return Back through Sicily, This time we took the direct route through Italy and through the mountains, Very cold wet and windy. Stopped in Pompeii, well worth the visit. Back through Switzerland and then the same route we came on. Arrived at ferry a day early but they let us on. And them home to a hot bath and a soft bed.

Via Michelin is good for setting routes with many waypoints.
ASCI is good for finding camp sites.
Have a good satnav, mine kept stopping.

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England to Malta

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