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Written by Bryn   

This is the amazing footage, caught on head cam, of the moment when a rider competing in last years WV Rally was ambushed by a deer.

(Click 'read more' to see the video)

Motorcycle racer, Braden Childers, was nearing the end of the final stage last years West Virginia Rally when a deer shot into the road, forcing him to collide with it.

Braden Childers had little time to react as the deer bounded out in front of him
Braden Childers had little time to react as the deer bounded out in front of him.

The impact sent the deer tumbling to the side of the road and flung Childers from his bike. Amazingly, despite hitting the animal at around 55mph, neither were injured.

'I definitely hit the ground sliding and rolling but I just kept rollin and hopped up.' Wrote Braden on his YouTube channel.

Fortunately the deer hit the bikes handlebars and not Braden.

Both the deer and rider managed to escape the tangle uninjured, dust themselves off and casually go their separate ways.

'It [the deer] ran into the woods as I got up,' he wrote 'It was already gone when I looked back' he wrote.

Both rider and deer were able to miraculously escape unharmed.

Despite the set back, Childers went on to finish the race and post his amazing footage up on YouTube for all of us to see.

Of course, we wouldn't finish the article without including the video! Check it out below.

Ever had any incidents involving animals while on your bike? Share your stories in the comments section below.

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Latest trip to Scotland Golden Eagle flew across the road a 100 feet above my head, I snapped my head up and turn around sharply to see the bird, loud crack lots of pain 3 popped disc and a trapped nerve. Lovely bird though. Just starting to get back on the bike missed all the good weather
Redmurty , July 19, 2013

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