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Author: Bryn Davies

Compass Expeditions has announced that Charley Boorman will be leading two motorcycle tours in Australia next year.

The celebrity adventure bike rider will be leading two 10-day tours in Australia in February and March of 2014 for Compass Expeditions and, if you’ve got the money, you can join him.

 The Sydney-to-the-outback tour, which will run from 10th February 2014, will see Charley leading riders through the Blue Mountains, Broken Hill and the Flinders Ranges before joining the Great Ocean Road and finishing in Melbourne. Then, from 28th February, the Tasmania-and-the-high-country tour will take riders around Tasmania before heading to Melbourne and the Victorian High Country and the Snowy Mountains, finishing in Sydney.

“We are very excited the have Charley lead for both these rides,” said Compass Expeditions co-founder Mick McDonald. “The 2013 rides were a spectacular success and provided clients with an extremely unique biking experience and we greatly look forward to having Charley back.”

Prices for the tours start from £3,383 if you’ll be riding your own machine and £4,030 if you’ll be hiring one from Compass Expeditions. For that you’ll be part of the 10-day tour, get your accommodation and be fed and watered. Flights are not included.

For the Tasmania-and-the-high-country tour, click here.