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Author: Alun Davies

I’m seriously thinking that I need to visit a councillor specialising in motorbike delirium. That said, a modicum of sense is returning between the ears today as I fight the urge to bid on the Pan and the Tiger on Ebay. Just what am I thinking? Here we are in an economic crisis, I’ve two bikes I can use; (the Sprint I own and the Transalp is on loan) and I’m seriously thinking of buying two more bikes – though I would sell the Triumph Sprint, in time, if I liked the Pan. I think.

I’ve never had these urges with cars or other 4 wheeled motors. In fact I currently drive a 01 VW van which I’ve owned for 7 years, there’s 190,000 miles on the clock and I spend more time filling it up with rubbish (old sandwich rappers, coke bottles etc) than I do cleaning the dam thing. But when it comes to bikes I come over all cleaning skivvy like.

Anyway, must get back to Ebay, those auctions are finishing soon and there’s a fire raging in my heart, soul and the sensible part of my brain.

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