First look: Atlas Throttle Lock

Atlas Throttle Lock review

What is it? An easy-to-install cruise control solution.

As someone who has experienced the demoralising pain of a strain injury in their arm due to countless hours twisting and gripping a motorbike throttle, I’m a strong advocate of cruise control, and would always choose it as option on a new bike.

However, there are a lot of motorcycles out there not equipped with this creature comfort. This is where the Atlas Throttle Lock comes in. The innovative device is a mechanical cruise control. It holds your throttle in any position you leave it, fixing your speed at the touch of a button.

Adjustable throttle

Whereas other devices will disengage as soon as you roll the throttle forward, the Atlas Throttle Lock allows you to make adjustments while it is still engaged.

This enables you to keep a constant speed in circumstances when you need more or less throttle to do so, while riding up and down hill for example. A simple push of a button then disengages the Atlas Throttle Lock.

Mechanical cruise control

We tried it during eight hours of motorway travel and it worked very well. In my experience, it is the closest a mechanical device has ever got to the function of an electronic cruise control.

The Atlas Throttle Lock was created by biker David Winters, and his wife Heidi, during a 15-month round-the-world motorcycle journey. The result is an effective and simple to use device made of stainless steel that feels like a quality piece of kit. If you’re longing for cruise control on you bike, this is an elegant and affordable solution.