WTF is a GS 1200 for?

WTF is a GS for

(other large capacity adventure bikes apply)

From the ABR forum: This issue we take some of our favourite answers to the question asked below; just what is a ‘GS’ for?

SteveW – They are not for shoving up muddy goat tracks in the middle of nowhere. What I don’t understand is this; if you want to take bikes like this to their limit and beyond your limit, you need at least two mates with you, a deep wallet, medical insurance, plenty of time and a good night’s sleep at the end of the day. Because at some point during a hard day it all ceases to be fun.

Bimota – I bought my 1200 GSA to do what my 1100 blackbird did; carry me and my luggage and wife all over Europe in comfort. Like 90% of owners I couldn’t give a flip about muddy lanes and trails.

Appleby – They’re just practical machines with plenty of leg room ‘styled’ to make old men with the money to buy them feel like free nomadic warriors.

Ooop North John – Is it Groundhog Day? Yet another thread telling me if I don’t do muddy lanes I’m not having an adventure.

PaulG – I bought my GSA to get me comfortably to places like Grossglockner.

Babbs – Why should road trips not be categorised as an adventure? If I venture outside of my comfort zone and travel abroad, to me that could be an adventure… am I wrong?

Brenhden – Adventure is a state of mind guys.

Jameskaya – Because it allows me to do exactly what I want it to do, and more!

Mr_diver – For me, an adventure bike is about going away in comfort, with all the crap I need to clothe myself, her-ladyship, camp and eat and knowing that the bike will cope with whatever road surface I have to deal with when I get there.

Daytona-Supersport – It’s a bike to ride. We are all different and if somebody wants to ride a particular style of bike, good luck to them. Just owning a particular bike is not a statement of intent to go on a RTW ride, go rock climbing or play in the mud. It is just a bike. However, I do think that Harley owners are lawless individuals that belong to criminal gangs.

MarkN – My GS is for riding.

Sidestand – The point of my GSA is to take two of us plus all the clobber (camping or not) anywhere we want to go, whether it be to the Pyrenees, Nordkapp, North of Scotland, or our local Asda.

Zookman – I’ve lost count how many people have asked me ‘why is my S10 is so clean’, or ‘why hasn’t it got any mud on it’, or ‘it needs to have some dirt on it’. It’s like these people can’t get the idea that not everyone buys these bikes to go off-road.

Beam me up – It has been said that the more recent adventure bikes are aimed at sportsbike riders who are slowing down and seizing up with age and this is borne out by the marketing guys adding more and more electronic bells and whistles and less and less off-road capability. It does seem however that if you are already the proud owner of one of these two-wheeled Christmas trees you are to some extent damned if you do and damned if you don’t (use it off-road).

Canazei 1200 – One thing about the big GS they are a very easy bike to ride and are really good in s*it conditions. They’re quick enough, can manage two-up and carry enough stuff for a couple of weeks on roads or the odd off-road track.