Writers Exposed: Spencer Grey


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Name: Spencer Grey  Age: 37 years  Occupation: Car dealer

First Bike?
Raleigh grifter with cards in the spokes

Current Bike?

Dream Bike?
New limited edition BMW 1200 GS

Ferry or Tunnel?
Ferry always, feet up and breakfast

Most expensive motorcycle accessory bought?
Spent £4000 on my BMW extras so far does that count?

Lifelong Ambition?
Maintain my lifestyle of play with a little work in between

Spencer GreyIdeal travel partner?
Female volleyball professional that works part-time as a Dyson quality control specialist

Most dangerous moment?
Riding a GSX R at 160 mph with a chrome German war helmet and a pair of swimming goggles

Most memorable moment?
First time at 200mph on the clock of my Hayabusa

What do you miss most when travelling?
English Ale

The person you’d most like to meet and the question you would ask them?
John Wayne, question, do you think you could take Clint?

Favourite crap joke?
Two snowmen in a garden, one says to the other, ‘Can you smell carrots?’