Why do we ride feature

The ABR forum is full of useful advice and information. It also has great topics being discussed. In recent weeks forum members have been asking themselves the question; Why do we ride?…

Here are some of our Favourite answers…

  • ­Brenhden
    Why am I a biker? It’s all I’ve wanted since I was a kid. I’ve no idea why, I didn’t know any bikers when I was young, I hardly know any now. It just makes me feel like me.
  • ­Sewysi
    Because I hate the train, hate traffic jams and like to be out and feel free, instead of being in a tin box. The only reason I have a tin box is for the tip and the kids. Always liked the coolness of it and Steve McQueen.
  • ­Jofussy
    As sad as it may sound, it was watching and reading the Long Way Round, I am already a keen traveller, but motorcycles just enhance the experience!
  • ­EricKTM
    I grew up in Finglas and as a young teen I saw an Africa Twin and asked the owner what it was used for. He said they were raced in the Paris Dakar. I started to look into what the Dakar was and just fell in love with the whole idea of the desert race and the bikes that competed in it. I started then to notice the KMX 125 and looked at it as an option of ‘in my mind anyway’ getting into the off-road style of riding. When I was old enough I bought one and have never looked back.
  • ­Elle
    I had a cousin who had a bad motorcycle accident when I was 14 and when I visited him, I remember thinking it was so cool that a machine could do that! Weird yes. At 16 I started riding pillion with a boyfriend (Honda 250 Super Dream). Dad wouldn’t hear of me getting one though so bought me a £300 mini. A year later, aged 19, I’d left home, sold the car and bought a bike – never not had one since.
  • ­xtzrick
    No other bikers in my family, in fact, parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles are against them because they’re dangerous So why am I a biker? a) It’s the way I think. Some people are academically minded, some are mechanically minded and some are just plain arty. You can’t beat the mechanical purity of an engine, one wheel in front and one wheel at the back, b) The social and anti-social aspects. The freedom of you and your thoughts as you travel through the countryside and then a beer or two with like-minded people c) The annual subliminal messages I got as a kid from the “anti’s” mentioned above. Every birthday card had a BIKE on it!
  • Freeloadeur
    My wife told me to go buy a bike, so I did.
  • ­Locksmith
    My dad inspired me, he always had bikes and I rode my first one at the age of 7, since then I was hooked.
  • ­Devonboy
    For me, hammering around the fields on anything we could get our hands on until we could ride fizzys legally on the road, within six months I ended up with a broken leg and over 80 stitches in it. The day I got out of hospital my brother and I worked out how I could ride pillion with my leg in a cast, much to my mum’s horror.