The Grimsel Pass, Switzerland


The Grimsel Pass forms part of the iconic Five Passes route in Switzerland. For those in the know, any of the five beat their more famous Italian cousin, the Stelvio Pass. Ride all of these in a loop and you have a perfect day on a bike.

The Grimsel Pass runs north to south from Innertkirchen to Gletsch. Built in 1894, it peaks at 2,100m above sea level and is one of the highest paved routes in the Alps. It is open, reliably, from early June to the end of September, but due to its altitude, it remains cool most of the year and snow flurries are always a possibility.

As you climb, the views are stunning with lakes and reservoirs but as you get higher the landscape becomes more barren and almost lunar. The riding is, well, Alpine. Open, fast, swooping stretches are complimented perfectly by some action-packed, steep, technical hairpin sections.

It is a riders’ delight and should be ridden in both directions if time allows. To complete your Grimsel experience, ride it as one part of a five-course Alpine feast. Susten, Furka, Gotthard, Nufenen and of course Grimsel. Link them together in a figure of eight and you have 150 miles of pure bliss.

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