Readers Exposed: Verena Kaiser and Martin Litschauer

Name: Verena Kaiser and Martin Litschauer AKA World Spins as Fast as we Ride | Age:26 and 27 | Occupation: Primary and secondary school teachers

First bike? 

Honda NC750 S and BMW F800GS Adventure. Martin was influenced by the Long Way Round with Ewan and Charlie and his father, who already had a 1100 GS. Everything was clear from that point on.

Current bike? 

BMW R1200GS Rallye and BMW R1200GS Rallye Adventure.

Dream bike? 

Our current motorcycles! Maybe as a second bike we’d like an old BMW R100GS. Maybe we’ll wait until the bank account has recovered.

Most expensive motorcycle accessory? 

We quickly realised that accessories always cost a lot of money. The most expensive things that we’ve bought are Verena’s Akrapovic exhausts and our original cases from BMW. There are a lot of little things like crash bars and headlight protection which add up.

Mountain passes or desert pistes? 

Both, but it depends on the tyres and the weather. We love the Alps with the countless passes, it’s a real curve paradise. In Morocco we had our first off-road experiences and immediately fell in love with the desert.

Tent or hotel? 

Tent. The weather in Scotland was a real training camp, and after a few days under canvas, we were looking forward to a nice hotel room! But we love to camp and sleep outside in our cosy tent.

Lifelong ambition? 

Show people how easy it is to travel the world on bikes. We want to meet people, learn about their culture and gain experiences for life. Travelling the world is one of our greatest passions.

Most Dangerous Motorcycling moment? 

An accident on a single-track road in Scotland. Martin slipped with his motorcycle into the ditch. Thank God nothing happened but we were scared. 

Most memorable motorcycling moment? 

We did a Morocco trip in February and it was a real adventure. There were closed roads due to snowfall, no fuel for our motorcycles and unforgettable moments like motorcycling on the beach.

What do you miss most when travelling? 

Most of all we miss a socket for our electrical equipment and, of course, showers. 

If you could meet any person, dead or alive, and ask the one question, who would it be and why? 

Max Resch. In 1933 he travelled from Austria with a fully loaded Puch-Type 250 and a pillion to India. First, we would be speechless, but then we would ask him about his motivation, greatest fears and experiences on his travels.

Favourite crap joke? 

Why couldn’t the motorbike stand up by itself? It was two-tyred.

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