Readers Exposed: Lewis Martin

Name: Lewis Martin | Age: 37 | Occupation: Managing Consultant

First bike? 

Yamaha DT125

Current bike? 

Cagiva Elefant 750LE

Dream bike? 

I’d really like a Rally Raid prepared KTM450.

Ferry or Tunnel?

Tunnel. Living in Kent, the journey doesn’t really start for me until I’m in France. So I like to get to France as quick as I can.

Most expensive motorcycle accessory ever brought? 

The second-hand aluminium panniers and racks for the Elefant were the most expensive at £135 delivered.  e real costs have been the maintenance, the Elefant engine rebuild costing over £800, even with a mate giving some time for free!

Lifelong ambition? 

To undertake a very long trip. Part of my commute home from work is on the M20 Dover bound. One day while heading home, I would like not to take my normal exit and continue on to the Eurotunnel and go for it! Although I would like to travel around South America and start by following the Dakar as a spectator, before seeing more of what that continent has to offer.

Ideal Travel Partner

Experience has taught me to travel with a partner that is handy enough to fix bike issues, have a positive outlook and who wants to try and see new things.  

Most Dangerous moment? 

While returning home from Misano, Italy, on my Ducati 916, I noticed that there was some play in the bike’s handling on the road to the Gotthard Tunnel. While stopped at the services before entering the tunnel, I found nothing wrong with the front wheel, where I thought the issue was.

However, just before entering the tunnel, the issue became worse and I pulled over. It was diagnosed as the single rear wheel retaining nut having worked loose. Very worrying, considering if I had lost that single nut the rear wheel could have detached at speed. Amazingly, it was fixed at the roadside with a rock and a drift! Got me home too!

Most memorable moment? 

On my first big bike trip when I crossed the Furka Pass into Italy. Crossing an alpine pass for the first time with the amazing views in all directions, sunshine with snow on the ground, the changes in temperature and the twisty road up and down both sides, it was very memorable.  

What do you miss most when travelling? 

Nothing really beyond my wife and children. If I know I’m away for a period, I accept it and what it brings, as long as I can get a good beer or glass of red wine! But when I know I’m heading home, then I just want to be at home with them.

Person you would most like to meet and the questions you would most like to ask them? 

Always the next rider I meet on my journey, where are you heading? And where have you been? 

Favourite crap joke?

Q.Why do you never see elephants hiding up trees? A. Because they are really good at it!

Write a personal dating ad for you and your bike

Big bloke with an old bike who wants to escape work to visit as many countries as possible, seeks another eager collector of countries, who can find good wine, fix a bike and always looks for the positive in any situation

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