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Barrie Shaw

Name: Barrie Shaw | Age: 70 | Occupation: Auto Electrician (retired)

First bike?


Current bike?


Dream Bike?

Honda CB500X (Rally-Raid Conversion)

Ferry or Tunnel?

Ferry. I always consider the ferry as part of the experience. The journey is always more exciting than the destination.

Most expensive accessory?

Hein Gericke enduro suit and my GPS

Life long ambition?

To travel by bike east to west through the Rockies. Never had enough money to spare though. One day perhaps…

Who is your ideal travel partner?

Someone who enjoys the same things that I do. I hate it when people I am with start moaning when things aren’t exactly to their choice. The friends I travel with now are the best. They enjoy all aspects of any trips we have made.

What is your most dangerous moment on two wheels?

On the M6, I was overtaking a lorry when one of its tyres exploded. Bits of rubber etc. sprayed me as cars were overtaking in the third lane. It was a really scary moment and I had to check my undies later!

What is your most memorable moment on two wheels?

My first long journey on a bike. I Went to Scotland on a rally, and the return journey was so enjoyable, I wanted it to last at least another 30 minutes! After that, I was addicted.

What do you miss most when travelling?

Someone to do the cooking. I am rubbish in the kitchen. Bike camping is great, apart from the catering. I always try to carry pre-cooked food. I guess I’m lazy really.

Person you would most like to meet and what question would you ask them?

Any of the GP Superbike riders. I’d ask how they cope with the risks involved with riding at suicidal speeds and how do they stay on the bike at insane angles and speeds around bends.

Favourite crap joke

A little girl usually has a lift to school with her granddad, but he was poorly, so she went with her grandma. Mum asked her “how did you get on with grandma?” The girl replied, “it was strange, we didn’t see any tossers, wankers, or dickheads the whole journey!”

Write a personal dating ad for you and your bike

Old biking git looking for a nice lady who likes bikes, camping and travelling to exotic places. Preferably someone who rides her own bike and doesn’t mind roughing it on occasions. I am looking for an enthusiastic travelling companion who wants new experiences and is keen to try anything new.

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