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Lee Phillips

Name: Lee Phillips | Age: 46 | Occupation: Team lead, Subsea Oil & Gas

First bike?

Yamaha TY175.

Current bike?

KTM 1190R Adventure, Ducati 848 and a Yamaha TY175.

Dream Bike?

Honda NXR 750 Dakar Rep.

Ferry or tunnel?

Ferry, you should start every trip with a 2ft-long, duty-free Toblerone.

Most expensive accessory?

Touratech Extreme Rear Shock. The stock shock is good, but this is next level, it totally transforms the bike.

Lifelong ambition?

Bhutan and Sikkim – every riding environment you could wish for.

Ideal travel partner?

My off-road mates, because everyone should have a good Bolivian prison story.

Most dangerous moment?

Dropping into Applecross, I came round a corner to find a couple stopped in the middle of the road taking photos. My mate was hard on the brakes and I was sideways trying to stop behind him, I closed my eyes ready for the impact and nothing happened. Still to this day, I have no idea how I didn’t hit him.

Most memorable moment?

The Vercors on an R1. An early start one Sunday morning, I crested a ridge and the whole landscape laid out before me with deserted roads and not a cloud in the sky. I may have shed a tear.

What do you miss most when travelling?

Family first, proper pillows is a close second.

The person you would most like to meet and what question would you ask them?

Dan Walsh. Fancy a pint?

Favourite crap joke?

I just told my friend I like Beyonce. He said whatever floats your boat. I said no, that’s buoyancy.

Write a personal dating ad for you and your bike

Ambitious Toby Price wannabe seeks an Orthopedic surgeon with an eye for a good line. Have bike, will travel.

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