Readers Exposed

Readers Exposed

Name: Richard Symonds | Age: 54 | Occupation: Ambulance Crew

First Bike?

Honda CB125T. I remember thinking, as a weedy teenager, how can I manage this bike? I ran out of fuel and another biker stopped and pulled his petrol tank off and filled my tank. This was my first taste of the camaraderie of bikes that I’ve loved.

Current bike?

BMW R1200GSA Triple Black.

Dream Bike?

I already own my dream bikes and I’ve promised that I will not be adding to my collection (1983 XT500, 2002 Boxer Cup, 2007 HP2, & 1958 Triumph Trophy).

Most expensive motorcycle accessory?

My wife, Penny. Loved and lived together since 1982 and has been with me on all our adventures, both in the saddle and through life.

Lifelong ambition?

To still be riding with my wife into the sunset of our lives.

Ideal travel partner?

My wife, preferably without her iron and hairdryer!

Most dangerous moment?

Doing a spot of off-roading in Bosnia and then tipping back on my chair at the hotel, almost going through a plate glass window and spilling my beer!

Most memorable moment?

Stelvio Pass. Ascending the pass with a herd of Lotus Exiges’ on some kind of owners’ run; overtaking them on the straight and being caught on the bends.

What do you miss most when travelling?

Our fox terrier, Johnnie. We’d love for him to come with us.

Person you would most like to meet and the question you would most like to ask them?

Joey Dunlop. “Fancy a pint? Perhaps we could go out for a bimble round first”

Top three Favourite crap cheese jokes?

  • A man just walked up to me and threw a block of cheddar in my face. I thought “that’s mature!”
  • How do you eat dangerous cheese? Caerphilly.
  • What cheese do you use to coax a bear out of a cave? Camembert.

Write a 50 word personal ad for you and your bike as if you were both going to join an adventure bike riding dating site?

Triple Black GS and follicly challenged partner seek easy-going group of riders and bikes. A lack of ability to match my owner’s is preferred but this must be balanced by a good sense of humour and a keen spirit of adventure.

Want to be featured?

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