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Name: Eran Davidson Age: 57

First bike?

1976 Yamaha RD 200 (two-stroke). More than 20 followed.

Current bike?

Ducati 1200S Multistrada, Bimota DB5 (Delirio), Husaberg 450 Enduro, BMW 1978 R100/7 (in conversion process to a Kevil scrambler), Suzuki DRZ400

Dream Bike?

Ducati 1299 Panigale, KTM 450 Dakar Replica, Indian Vintage.

Ferry or Tunnel?

Of course the ferry. Especially when, after a beer with fellow riders, I almost always get invited to small, local Harley clubs in Ukraine or Latvia.

Most expensive accessory?

An electric espresso machine that connects to my 12V socket, and a set of Touratech Zega Pro Aluminum panniers (mounted on my Multistrada), that also serve as table and chair for my espresso.

Life long ambition?

First thing after retirement, ride my motorcycle with Lisa (my wife for 27 years) from home (Berlin, although I am Israeli), all the way down to Cape Town (where my wife was born).

Ideal travel partner?

Steve McQueen (very sadly gone) or Lisa, but she is not actually fond of riding. Nevertheless, she loves me (I hope!), trusts me (I know!) and is ready to take the pain if no more than three to four hours per day on the bike.

She requires a comfortable seat, an intercom between our helmets and the trip is well balanced with off-bike activities like culture, good food and nice hotels. It’s a good compromise to have her with me!

Most dangerous moment?

There are a few. When I rented an old Royal Enfield to ride from Kathmandu to Chitwan (Nepal), I crossed the only crossroad with a signal light, when I went to ride off on the green light a taxi came from the side, crossing in red, and blew me and my girlfriend 50 metres away. We ended up in hospital, luckily with just a few scratches, to find out that I lost my watch.

Apparently, the policeman that came to help me put it in a pocket and didn’t intend to return it, but a friend of mine that was riding behind me saw it happening.

Another scary moment happened when I was riding all night long from Tel Aviv to Sinai Desert, 450 miles south when I felt my then-girlfriend (today my wife) slipping sideways. As I was cruising my Suzuki GS 1000 at 100mph she was actually falling asleep. Luckily I stopped a second before I lost her.

Most memorable moment?

There are so many from my worldwide enduro rides. One of them is riding with the legendary desert rider Francon Picco in the Western Desert (Egypt, near the border of Sudan), on 300-metre high dunes at 55mph, smoothly and effortlessly, like on huge ocean waves. These were magical moments. I felt I was riding with God.

What do you miss most when travelling?

Absolutely nothing if Lisa is with me. I wish my children could ride with me in my trips, but two are students and one is in the Israel Defence Forces. My son is a good rider and wants to ride down to Africa with me. I hope he will.

Person you would most like to meet and what question would you ask them?

Marc Marquez, only 23 years old and three-time Moto GP world champion (very soon fourth championship), whom I saw riding and thought to myself, “it cannot be real!”.

I want to ask him: “How do you do it?! Is it all instincts and courage or just hard work and lots of technique?”.

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Passionate Israeli rider, seeking a companion for adventures on his Ducati Multistrada, travelling the least travelled roads, meeting the most unexpected people, in the most remote countries. We love challenges and are ready to deal with difficulties. With me, you can expect the unexpected. Today is the first day of the rest of our life. Lets enjoy the journey together!