Readers Expose

This is your chance to get your mug in the mag; share your adventure stories and tell us all about your two-wheeled dream machine

NAME: Mark Curry

AGE: 44

OCCUPATION: Commercial pilot

FIRST BIKE? Honda NS400 RF – a little GP bike!


DREAM BIKE? Jono From Adventure Bike Warehouse’s 1200 GSA

FERRY OR TUNNEL? With mates, ferry; solo, tunnel

MOST EXPENSIVE MOTORCYCLE AC­CESSORY EVER BOUGHT? BMW hard luggage. I can’t do without it on big trips

LIFELONG AMBITION? To be the person my dog thinks I am

IDEAL TRAVEL PARTNER? Female, gorgeous, single, father owns GS spare parts manufacturing plant

MOST DANGEROUS MOMENT? Low siding my Ducati 916 SPS at the Nurburgring and having to dodge about 10 following VW Golf GTIs driven my wide-eyed, pimply German youths, to make it to the side of the track and relative safety, all the time crying about how much I knew the fairings would cost to repair or replace. I looked like I was running over hot coals

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? For the wrong reasons, having my iPod on shuffle and approaching the Milau Bridge on a beautiful day in convoy with other GSs. Just as I was wanting some Lez Zep or similar, sadly this seminal biking moment was accompanied by Shakin’ Stevens and This Ole House. (It was part of a compilation album, honest!)


PERSON YOU WOULD MOST LIKE TO MEET AND THE QUESTION YOU WOULD MOST LIKE TO ASK THEM? Easy one this. The bloke who nicked my Fireblade in 1997. After a brief ‘get-to-know-you’ chat, I’d ask him, “When would you like me to stop hitting you?”