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from L to R Martin , John & Gary Wandering Helmets, Jan route Snowdonia A
from L to R: Martin, John and Gary, also known as The Wandering Helmets, in Snowdonia

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Plenty of you have been enjoying the ABR 12 Month Challenge

Thanks for the routes

I really enjoyed issue 67 of ABR magazine, with features like the 2022 bike round-up, adventures around the globe, and an interview with the perpetually upbeat Lyndon Poskitt. However, what excited me the most was the 12 months of riding you have laid out in the ABR 12 Month Challenge. I couldn’t wait to get started.

I bought my bike in March 2020, just two weeks before ‘you-know-what’ started. I’ve managed to put a few thousand miles on it, but it’s the ride planning I struggle with. So, it’s absolutely fantastic to have all of these routes clearly laid out for me. All I need to do is plan my ride to the start point and figure out a way home.
Take care,
Ben Langmead

The wandering helmets on tour (Feature image above)

Myself and my two riding mates, Martin and Gary decided to kick off the ABR 12 Month Challenge with a ride along the Snowdonia route. We’re all from North Wales so it’s on our doorstep. We try to get out together at least a couple of times a month for a group ride, going by the affectionate name of the Wandering Helmets.

The photo of the three of us is from the beach at Aberdovey, where our ABR beanies were well up to the task of keeping us warm. We’re hoping to do at least half of the 12 routes together this year, depending on work commitments. Keep up the good work,
John Collard

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Comments from EP 9 of the ABR Garage Podcast where we asked if going on an organised tour is better than solo bike travel…

Touring with one friend seems best to me. I’ve never tried an organised tour but probably will in the next year.
Paul Sheehan

A very small group. A big group has too many differing opinions on everything. On your own, it’s a bit scary. My last few tours have been with two other friends on their bike which worked very well. I can’t wait for the next trip.

My advice would be to put a date in the diary and just go. It doesn’t matter how. You always feel like you’re having an adventure on two wheels.
Mark Hollidge

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