Harley Davidson Ultra LTD


The magnificent even for road touring

Words: Alun Davies

Well, I was a-running down the road trying to loosen my load, I’ve got seven needs on my mind.

If the Ultra has had one effect on my radical motorcycle ideology then it’s this… I’m a convert to the benefits of having a sur- round sound music system on a bike. But it hasn’t always been like that. This time last year, I’d have been one tune short of declaring a fatwa on anyone who’d expressed such a notion, even in jest.

I’d had similar fundamentalist views on twist and go clutch systems until I attended the launch of the Honda Cross- tourer back in 2012. On that occasion, I’d turned into a clutchless evangelist before leaving the car park.

You may have spotted a weakness in my ability to hold fast to lifelong beliefs, but fear not, I’m still a hardcore traditionalist when it comes to refusing to have anything to do with helmet-mounted comms.

Why? I’m not exactly sure, but it makes me feel good to stand by my principles.

Anyway, I mention all this because I’m having a renaissance in my views about big road touring bikes, and the Harley Davidson Ultra Ltd in particular. Having owned a few Hogs over the years, I’ve never been what you’d term a Harley hater, but over the past decade, I’d be lying if I didn’t declare my affection for the big V-twins had been on the wane.


PRICE: £23,245
ENGINE: 1745cc V-Twin
TORQUE: 112.1ftlb@3,250rpm
GEARBOX: 6-Speed
BRAKES: 32mm, four-piston calliper front and rear
TYRES: Front; 130/80 17. Rear; 180/65 16
WEIGHT: 413kg (wet)
FUEL CAPACITY: 22.7-litres

But I’m starting to look at it this way, if a road tourer is all that you need to fulfil your adventure riding dreams, you could do a lot worse than check out the Ultra.

When in road touring only mode, and looking to knock off big mileage, my tick list goes something like this; comfort, handling, power, weather protection, storage space and pillion friendly.

The Ultra covers these seven needs and then some.

Added to this, the Harley comes with the best on-bike infotainment system I’ve come across and, trust me, once experienced you too will drop the ideology and become a convert. What’s not to like about listening to the Eagles as you roll on down the spectacular Wild Atlantic Way over in Ireland on a bright sunny day?

And speaking of the West Coast of Ireland, the largest group of motorcyclists I came across on the trip were all riding big Harley dressers. Slainte, and take it easy.