Happy New ABR

What does 2012 hold in store for you?

Charley Boorman:

Charley-Boorman“I’ve realised as I grow older and the ‘New Years’ pass, that life is the actual adventure. Without being too philosophical, it’s all about enjoying the time you have and the people you have around you. I have a ‘can-do’ attitude to life and get disheartened (not to mention, peed-off!) when people have that ‘can’t do’ approach. My work hopefully encourages people to ‘just do it’ – that’s certainly what I want people to do – any bike, any place, any time – on a budget or five-star, just go and have the adventure and add it to your life’s tick box. My resolution will be to carry on looking for new adventures and trying to spread the word – get on ya bike, and go for it! Happy New Adventure!”

John Fenna:

John-Fenna“Spend less time in front of the computer, more time out in the wilder parts of the world (even if it is just the Welsh woods and mountains)!”



Dr Mike:

Dr-Mike-Leahy“To learn how to wheelie properly. I have a very embarrassing photo of how not to do it.”




Mick Extance: 

Mick-Extance“My New Year’s resolution is to keep doing what we’re doing and help more and more people to get started on their adventure bike-riding journey!”



Lois Pryce:

Lois-Pryce“My ABR New Year’s resolution is to have Farsi lessons so when I ride to Iran I can talk to the locals… I’m sure they’ll find it very amusing!”



Nick Sanders: 

Nick-Sanders“Apart from China and Russia, I’ve ridden most places, so I want to stay more at home with my family and intend to find really small back roads in Wales to explore. I like roads where you see grass growing in the middle, where there’s no traffic and when you stop you hear nothing. Some wise bloke said that when you get to a fork in the road, just take it – I like that. I like getting lost.”

Sam Manicom:

Sam-Manicom“I’ll be smiling my way into next year. I’ve a zillion things planned and I’m already wondering if I can ask the gods to add in a few more weeks so I can fit everything in! The key resolution? Make it happen – a longer road trip outside the UK!”


Austin Vince:

Austin-Vince“To really try to get more young people into the ABR scene in particular and onto bikes in general. Also, to encourage more bikers to join MAG, before it’s too late and Brussels have made it illegal…”


Alun Davies:

Alun-Davies“To get more time off work! Or, should I say, to spend more time on what I imagined would be my job – travelling the world on a motorbike. The trouble with launching such a fantastic magazine is that I now spend most of my adventure time stuck in the office! But you know what? Right now I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing, with the exception of riding to Magadan, or Cape Town or… the post office.”