Ducati Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour

James Oxley experiences the thrill of riding the Multistrada and finds himself getting rather overexcited.

Riding the Ducati Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour is a bit like having an orgasm while riding a rocket ship, or so I imagine. Rocket ships are in short supply around these parts but I imagine riding one would be a thrilling experience, and the orgasm, well that’s the cherry on top. 

Luckily for me, I don’t need the bank account of Elon Musk and a willing accomplice to experience such a feeling. I just swing my leg over ABR’s Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour long-termer, fire up the engine and experience the visceral thrill of controlling 158bhp of pure pleasure between my legs. 

Ok, this is all getting a bit X-rated but the Multistrada will do that to you. Ducati has an uncanny ability to take a hunk of metal and transform it into an object of pure desire, something elegant and sensual with curvaceous lines that can’t help but plant a big silly grin on my face when I’m riding. 

And even when I’m off the bike, I find myself smiling wistfully whenever I think about the Multistrada, like a teenage boy smitten by the girl next door (that’s if the girl next door worked in the adult entertainment industry). But it’s in riding the big Ducati that the pleasure truly lies. Select sport mode, open the throttle and make sure you hold on tight because you’re about to experience a hit of power so intense you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve been rear-ended by a lorry. I’ve genuinely screamed with delight as I’ve been catapulted up the road by the fury of that bone-shaking 1,263cc engine. 


PRICE: £18,895
1,262cc Testastretta, L-Twin, liquid-cooled, 4 valves per cylinder
158bhp @ 9500rpm
129Nm @ 7500rpm

BRAKES: Front; Dual 330mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted Brembo monobloc M50 Evo 4-piston calipers, radial master cylinder, Cornering ABS. Rear; 265mm disc, 2-piston floating caliper, Cornering ABS

WEIGHT: 215kg (dry)

Gearbox: 6-speed with Ducati Quick Shift up/down
20 litres
Adjustable, 825 – 845mm

The more I ride the Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour, the more intense I need those experiences to become, so much so that after a knackering 12-hour ride to and from Wales recently, I found myself carving through the Cotswold’s close to home like a madman, desperately searching for more thrills before the ride ended. 

However, all that pleasure came at a price. My body was in tatters because, despite the undeniable pleasure that riding a Multistrada brings, I find it a very uncomfortable bike over long distances. The seating position puts too much stress on my 6’ frame, leaving my backside in agony, my arms aching, and my hands tingling. I continually bash my heels against the centre stand and exhaust cover, and my arms and shoulders get blasted with wind due to a narrow screen. 

As touring bikes go, it’s not particularly practical, which isn’t a good sign for a bike with GT (Grand Tour) in its name. However, if it’s practicality you want, I recommend heading straight down to your local Suzuki dealership and picking up a V-Strom 1050XT. It’s a fantastic bike designed with practicality in mind to make touring an effortless and enjoyable affair. But I suspect if you’re in the market for a Ducati, practicality isn’t top of your wish list. You yearn for power, performance, and knock your socks of thrills. You want to experience the mind-blowing pleasure of riding that rocket ship. You want a Ducati Multistrada 1260 GT.