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Author: Bryn Davies

Simon and Lisa Thomas have now ridden some 325,000 miles, skidded, fallen and traversed 78 countries on their way to claiming the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous ride by a motorcycle team ever. It’s an impressive feat by anyone’s standards, but their adventures started in the same place as many of the world’s modern adventure riders, BMW Off Road Skills in South Wales.

Whilst they continue their journey to visit 122 countries around the world and push their limits on and off the bike, Simon and Lisa both maintain that Simon Pavey’s course is one of the best thing’s they did for their trip.

Simon Thomas – “People often ask us if Lisa and I started out as off road riders. Our travels have taken us to places where roads end, but in fact we had absolutely zero experience on dirt before we attended the Off Road Skills Course. It’s a reply that evokes disbelief in people!

“Simon Pavey and his team have an unrivaled ability to translate their years of experience into a program that helps to develop your skills like nothing else. All the team have an incredible ability to articulate their knowledge and help you develop your bike riding skills. They took us from complete novice to having the confidence to embark on the epic journey we’ve been on.

“Those two fantastic days in Wales put us in a position where we had the skills to take our adventure bikes off road, but they also helped us to deal with all the rigours of riding in foreign environments. The basic balance and clutch control skills we learnt helped us to deal with riding in cities in third world countries, to manage the broken roads of the undeveloped world and deal with dirt in the worst imaginable wet seasons.

“Over the last ten years, the basic skills we learnt on those two days in Wales have helped us more than any other piece of preparation we undertook prior to our trip and it was easily the most rewarding. It was just outright, grin inducing, cheek cramping fun. We learnt huge amounts that would’ve done us good even if we didn’t embark on the trip of a lifetime. We’d go back in a heartbeat!

“So, to Simon and the whole team at the BMW Off Road Skills school, a huge thank you for the ‘best of starts’ to what has become the most incredible journey of our lives.”

BMW Off Road Skills is the UK’s leading off road motorcycle training school. Based in South Wales and run by 9 time Dakar Rally competitor Simon Pavey, the course has built a reputation of quality, with world class instructors and an incredible training venue.

The course uses BMW’s world famous GS range including the new water cooled R 1200 GS, the F 800 GS, the G 650 GS Sertao and the G 650 GS. Course prices start at £479.00 for the ‘Level One’ two day course which includes, bike hire, instructor cost, bike damage, fuel, lunch and one evening meal.

2014 Dates are now available for booking. To learn more about Off Road Skills courses click here.

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